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Roger Asay, Publisher/Owner, Asay Media Network

About Us

Founded in 1987, Asay Media Network is the publisher of the original Locator Magazine. We specialize in the office machines and business equipment industry. We serve Manufacturers, Wholesalers, Distributors, Brokers, Dealers, Retailers, Service Companies, Financing, Leasing, and Importers/Exporters.

In 1991, Asay Media helped open the door to U.S. companies who wanted to sell their products and services overseas by introducing the International Edition of the Locator Magazine, now an online publication.

The company also operates several websites, including:

OMBE.com has become Asay Media Network's flagship site. With its limitless capabilities and its unique innovations, OMBE is quickly becoming the fastest and simplest way for industry buyers and sellers to generate business.

Sales Lead Generation: Over 30 years of lead-generating experience

As the global industry leader, our goal at Asay Media Network is to bring buyers and sellers together. We have achieved our leadership role by generating more targeted sales leads of active buyers for our customers than any other industry source since 1987.

For over 30 years we have expanded and maintained a large customer base for the Locator Magazine and OMBE.com. Asay Media Network has more customers and content viewers than any other industry source.

Asay Media Users by Job Type/Position

Asay Media Users

We invest each day in finding new qualified buyers and sellers to subscribe to our services. We have seen the Internet become an indispensable business tool. With that knowledge, we invested in extensive research and development and made the transition to being 100% Internet driven.

The Internet gives immediate response to new products and services on a 24/7 basis. We offer you a variety of options to utilize the Internet and to showcase a variety of products and services. Our service options allow you to generate maximum leads at minimal cost.

In 2013, from June to December, our Internet traffic has surged. All of our principal Web sites are ranked in the top 10% for highest
traffic in the world. The Copier Network Web site is ranked in the top 1%,
as its traffic has more than doubled.

Since converting Asay Media Network to an all-Internet format, our user base is larger today than ever before. The rapid increase of international and global users has been substantial.

The users who make up our target audience represent a wide cross-section of the industry from Sales Associates to company Presidents.

Brand-Building: Invest with the Leader

The more often your company's name and its products are listed (in an efficient and organized manner), the more leads you get. Asay Media's sites reach a large targeted audience — building the brand names of your company.

OMBE Categories

OMBE: Sample of product listings by category

• Press Releases - Publish your press release(s) in our targeted websites at NO CHARGE. They are an excellent brand-building tool we offer. You can put your company name in front of thousands of visitors from across the globe.

Submit your Press Release

• While our company provides ways to build your brand, following are links to articles that discuss brand-building strategies.

Developing Brand Building Strategy

The Brand Pyramid: Building Customer Loyalty

Five Effective Brand-Building Strategies to Attract Customers

Build your brand name...Increase your sales...Reduce selling costs... centerline

EZLink Logo

Our proprietary software, EZLinkTM, was developed to meet the needs of our customers for a simple way to have their inventory posted and updated on our OMBE.com site. We recognized that for our customers, it was difficult to provide us the information in the proper format and on a regular basis, either weekly or monthly. Prior to EZLinkTM, most sellers would have had to spend several man hours in order to provide us their current inventory information and it was even more difficult if they wanted to provide photos for their products.

EZLinkTM provides us a way to collect the information from our customers' website, including photos, arrange, categorize the information and make the additions, changes and deletions for their current inventory. They are already doing the necessary work by keeping their own website current. In addition, we can also use EZLinkTM to harvest information from Excel files, text files and in some cases, even PDF documents for those that may not have their inventory on their own site. Keeping the inventory on OMBE current is crucial to the long term success of the site.

We are not aware of any other site in the world that is able to provide this service. We strongly believe that this critical advantage will help carry us forward in getting and keeping our customers. In most cases our customers do not have to do anything to get their products listed or updated on OMBE.

(Inventory must be accessible on the internet or make special arrangements with our IT staff.)

•  Allows us to make the inventory on your website appear on Ombe.com automatically
•  Increased accuracy
•  No need to manage inventory --- keeps sites and products up-to-date
•  Monthly updates at no additional cost
•  More frequent update schedules available
•  Your inventory on two sites: yours and Ombe.com
•  Increases your visibility on the internet
•  You may continue to manually update your listings --- adding/deleting/changing as you find necessary

•  Seller with frequent price changes
•  Sellers with high turnover of inventory
•  Sellers whose inventory models and part numbers change often


Ombe.com Open Rates


Storefront: Get maximum exposure for your products and services by opening an online store in OMBE.com.

Storefront: $246.00

Includes up to 200 product ads and a Locator Storefront ad

We can build your Storefront for only $95.00. You supply the photos and content.
Storefronts are not available without a Product Listing(s) or Classified Ad(s).


Your Regular Product Ad includes 3 photos.

Regular Ad RatesEXTRA OPTIONS:
04 weeks: $95.00Attention Getters: FREE
13 weeks: $53.00Bolding: FREE  (Bolds the text in your ad to attract more attention)
26 weeks: $99.00sBetter Placement: $2.50 per ad
52 weeks: $195.00Gives your listing priority (higher placement on the page) over other regular listingsin category. Will still be below Featured ads.


Your Catgegory Product Ad(s) will be located at the top of a specific Category Page.

Each Featured Category Ad includes 3 photos.

Category Featured Ad RatesEXTRA OPTIONS:
04 weeks: $20.00Attention Getters: FREE
13 weeks: $65.00Bolding: FREE  (Bolds the text in your ad to attract more attention)
26 weeks: $129.00sBetter Placement: $2.50 per ad
52 weeks: $259.00Gives your listing priority (higher placement on the page) over other regular listingsin category. Will still be below Featured ads.


Your Featured Product Ad(s) will be featured on our Ombe Homepage.

It will be linked to your Ombe Storefront product listing, giving it the best possible exposure.

Each Homepage Featured Ad includes up to 3 photos.

Homepage Featured Ad Rates
04 weeks: $35.00EXTRA OPTIONS:
13 weeks: $117.00Attention Getters: FREE
26 weeks: $234.00Bolding: FREE (Bolds the text in your ad to attract more attention)
52 weeks: $468.00


Free "Want to Buy" Classifieds:
Place your "Want to Buy" ad(s) for free in our "Want to Buy" category.

General Classifieds: 4 Weeks               13 Weeks               26 Weeks               52 Weeks
$98.00                   $284.00                  $551.00                   $1,033.00
Your General Classified ad includes one free photo and allows a maximum of 3 photos per ad.

Business for Sale Classifieds: 4 Weeks               13 Weeks               26 Weeks               52 Weeks
$98.00                   $284.00                  $551.00                   $1,033.00 Your Business for Sale ad includes one free photo and allows a maximum of 3 photos per ad.

Industry Services: 4 Weeks               13 Weeks               26 Weeks               52 Weeks
Associations $98.00                   $284.00                  $551.00                   $1,033.00
Escrow Services
Leasing/Finance Companies
National Service Companies
Regional Service Companies
Transportation/Logistics Companies

Upcoming Industry Events: (no charge)
Trade Shows

Employment Ads:
See our Employment Ad page for more information

Attention Getters


Ombe.com Employment Advertising

Employment Ad Sample

♦  Reach targeted candidates in your market by using the industry's most active

♦  All employment opportunities are posted on Ombe.com,
    TheCopierNetwork.com, ThePrinterNetwork.com and

♦  Job postings remain online one month with unlimited edits.

♦  Add your company logo at no additional charge.

♦  US and International readership.

Employment Rates

♦  Take advantage of our Ombe.com Storefronts to build your brand
    and provide information to employee candidates.
    Tell your company's story!

♦  Live links on our websites that will take the user to your
   employment ad.

♦  A link on your listing that will take the user to your website.

♦  A link on the bottom of each of our email newsletters that will
   take users to your ad.

Credit card required or established account. Standard terms apply. Prepayment Discount.
    Sellers are required to be registered on Ombe.com. All sellers must be on Ombe.com.


Ombe.com Product Sales

New Products | Featured Products | Special Offers | Hot Deals | Container Loads | Software Packages | Bulk Sales Product Sales


Storefront Open Rates

$239/Month: Requires Ombe.com Storefront; minimum 1 Product Listing

Storefront Sample

Ombe.com Storefront Benefits

♦ Improve your brand recognition
♦ All of your inventory searchable in one location on Ombe.com
♦ Manually update daily as your inventory changes
♦ Each listing may contain your company information, a description of the product and up to 3 photos
♦ Add and delete listings as needed
♦ Use OMBE.com for your inventory management
♦ You can export an Excel file of your inventory from your OMBE account, using it to conduct a
   physical inventory or as information for your sales representatives

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Internet Banner and Video Advertising Opportunities

All prices are monthly

Banner Video Pricing


Asay's Popular Banner Sizes

Based on Google Standards

Banner Popular Sizes


Home Page Banner Sizes

Banner Popular Sizes

Forum Page Banner Sizes

Banner Popular Sizes


Targeted Email Newsletter Sponsorship Opportunities

Newsletters feature the best of the blogs, original news articles and news from other sources. They provide the industry with quality up-to-date news and information that will help businesses compete in this ever-changing marketplace.

Newsletters: Approximate Subscribers as of 3/28/2017
Contacts Frequency

Locator Magazine 3,5884/Month
TheCopierNetwork.com 2,9051/Week
ThePrinterNetwork.com 1,7541/Week
TheRecyclersNetwork.com 1,2091/Week
Sitewide 9,456

Companies with an Ombe.com StorefrontCompanies without an Ombe.com Storefront
Sponsorship Ads are linked to storefrontSponsorship Ads are linked to your website
.04¢ per email: 1 time - Sponsored Press Release.05¢ per email: 1 time - Sponsored Press Release
.025¢ per email: 1 month (4 weeks).035¢ per email: 1 month (4 weeks)
.015¢ per email: 3 months (13 weeks).025¢ per email: 3 months (13 weeks)

Price is locked in for contracted period; it will not change even with circulation changes. Our email lists contain no duplicate addresses and are highly targeted. Email lists change daily. Advertisers who are registered Ombe.com users will have exclusive acces to their stats.

Newsletter Schedule: Tuesday: LocatorMagazine.com

Thursday: Combined Newsletter

Last 50 Email Broadcasts


Email Broadcast Service

2017 Locator Cover Locator Logo

Now your company can use Locator Magazine’s e-mail broadcast service to exclusively promote your company’s products and services. Choose from one of our four industry specific targeted areas, and reach e-mail newsletter subscribers from the following websites:

Ombe.com (over 1,800 subscribers)
A site targeted specifically to buyers and sellers of office machines, business equipment, supplies and services.

LocatorMagazine.com (over 3,000 subscribers)
Since 1987, Locator Magazine has brought together buyers and sellers in the office machine and business equipment industry. You can target owners, CEOs, and purchasing agents from office equipment dealerships, importers/exporters, and wholesalers around the globe.

TheCopierNetwork.com (over 2,500 subscribers)
Known for its copier industry content and technical forums since 1995. These members include the office equipment industry’s service managers, ISOs, and technicians.

TheRecyclersNetwork.com (over 1,000 subscribers)
The one that started it all - since 1997! The first and best known forum website for cartridge recycling. These members include rechargers, cartridge manufacturers, and recyclers.

ThePrinterNetwork.com (over 1,500 subscribers)
The leading community for buying, selling, and repairing printers. These members include printer dealers, VARs, and technicians.

Sitewide (over 9,000 subscribers)

Last 50 Email Broadcasts


Targeted Email Text Banners

Placed in your choice of newsletters:
TheCopierNetwork.com, ThePrinterNetwork.com or TheRcecyclersNetwork.com

Newsletter Text Banner:728 x (up to) 115 pixels and up to 5 lines of text
Each banner links back to your Ombe.com Storefront

Universal Banner All Leasing Banner Intercom Banner NuWorld Banner Email Pricing