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2016 Website Product Activity Report
Recently, we compiled statistics on the performance of our various websites. These statistics can change daily.
Created in January, 1997,, our home site, is one of the earliest websites of its
kind. It explains Asay Publishing's mission— which has not changed since 1987. was created in April, 1999 and has always been an internet-based buy/sell site. An active site with thousands of products, it has more time spent on the site and page views per user, than any site world-wide in our industry.
Locator Magazine, Asay Publishing's original product, was founded in 1987. Originally printed copies were mailed to office machine dealers, wholesalers, distributors and manufacturers for more than 20 years. The website was created in October of 1998. Three years ago the transition was made to a digital publication, joining  Locator Magazine's International and Spanish publications. Our Annual Buyers Guide is also published digitally and available for one year on our websites.

Because Asay Publishing has exhibited at more than 100 trade shows and events, (including 5 in Mexico, 1 in Barcelona, 1 in San Paolo and numerous times in Canada), our Buyers Guide is printed and distributed at the trade shows and events at which we exhibit.
LocDataLocData, created in April, 1997, is the original website in the cartridge recycling industry. (It was originally known as The Recyclers Forum.) It has become one of the leading sites in the industry. We expect it to continue to be widely read with the rapid expansion in the aftermarket of ink and toner cartridge recycling. focuses on equipment that uses ink and toner.
RecyclersDataarea is the newest of our websites, created in April, 2004. This is a huge category with hundreds of subcategories that include different brands of equipment, supplies and parts. Some areas that represent growth and opportunities for sales include wide-format printers, digital graphics equipment and labeling equipment.
Created in October 1997, the has established a large (and growing) international following. Current membership is 16,661. One of the reasons that it has more than 50,000 posts in its Forum Section of the website.
Since acquiring it, we have upgraded the software and added content. In 2013  we added newsletters. The current readership numbers make it one of the busiest sites in the office machine industry.
CopierDataCopierData Has Most Sites Linking by 42.2%
New in January 2016!
This report will give detailed results of your activity each month.
It will continue to be updated each month during your contract period.

Activity on a website is an integral part of identifying advertising targets. While we have gathered this information for a long time, finding an efficient way to present it to our customers was a lengthy process. We began sharing the data with our advertisers in 2015.

We are constantly improving how we gather this data and how we present it to our advertisers. Major improvements were made in 2015 and we continue to improve from our first-generation reports.
The ability to track data and show our clients their page views, clicks, zooms and ad page downloads has impacted how our customers are able to efficiently manage their ad campaigns.   
This is the first time to show such details as buyer activity for our many products: banners, text banners, emails, product ads, Ombe activity, Locator buyer activity, and all the related products.
Discussions with our customers have shown that they are surprised and excited by the results. International activity has been a revelation to our customers, with many of our advertisers receiving international inquires and requests to buy.
Asay Media Network owns 66 additional active websites.
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